How hard can it be to make a million dollars online?

If an average guy from the streets of London, who dropped out of university, slaved it out on the rat race like a zombie drone, and failed a gazillion times can do it…

…then surely you can too right?

This may very well be the most valuable piece of writing you will ever read.

At least I hope it will entertain you.

Its kinda long. I put a lot into it.

If you read it fully, I am pretty sure your paradigm will shift…

…and you will have in your hands all the tools needed to succeed in life, and create a 6/7 figure online lifestyle business, work from anywhere in the world, and give the best to your family.

You will have all the tools for the freedom you seek.

Well this is my first ever blog post after being in this industry for 10 years!

Generating millions of dollars for myself, helping average frustrated joe’s go from 0 – 6/7 figures,

helping businesses generate $30,000,000+,

personally losing a lot money,

making diabolical mistakes,

losing fake friends,

getting bitten swimming with Sharks,

being hunted by vultures,

and some of the most important lessons I have learned along the way.

I will share it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The only part I will intentionally leave out is the drugs, mad parties and hookers… Only messing 😉

Sounds like the plot of a Tarantino movie.

I always wanted to write movie scripts, its on my bucket list – coming soon.

I will also give you a formula for making your first $100K per month online in the fastest way possible.

Would you like that?

And, I will try to make you laugh along the way. Hopefully with me, and not at me.

Although you can laugh at me if you like, I really don’t care. I live in my own bubble and its impenetrable by outside forces of evil.

One of the things you will learn that is crucial on your journey to success, is not caring what others think of you.

Big Announcement: My First Ever Blog Post! YEAAAH BABBY

Ok, so how on earth did I get here? LOL

I really have never been into blogging, although I do love to write, and write a lot of emails, video scripts and sales copy.

I usually write this kinda personal stuff for my exclusive newsletter subscribers and master mind clients, and not the general public, so please excuse me if this is not perfect.

I promise however it will be full of wisdom and golden nuggets that will be priceless for you if you are trying to become successful, or trying to build an online business.

And it will save you a lot of time, money and heart ache that I went through.

Ok so moving on, where I am at now.

Im 32 now, and just had my first child 1 and a half years ago.

Its the most amazing feeling in the world having a lil boy. If you have kids, then you know.

I got started on the internet back in 2003 when I was just 21.

Back then I had dropped out of university, as one day I had a major epiphany and realised I didn’t want to get a degree, and be a graduate clone plugged into the matrix.

I wanted to be the master of my own destiny and live my life to the max on my on terms…

…and have time freedom, money freedom, and location freedom.

Back then I knew nothing about online business.

I worked  a couple of dead end jobs for a while that slowly started eating away at my soul.

Then I got into sales and started working for some cut throat boiler room style telesales companies.

(This was One of the best things that ever happened to me as I  learned for the first time the importance of selling).

Selling is one of the most important skills you can learn.

If you don’t sell, then no one buys. If no one buys, you make no money.

If you want to make money, then learn how to sell!

After a few years of playing Jordan Belfort, I got burned out and started searching on how I can create my own business.

By the way Jordan Belfort is a great friend of mine now, I love that guy.

His trainings changed my life.

If you want to make big money, then you need to learn how to sell.

If you want to learn how to sell, then Jordan is the king who you want to learn from.

Leonardo Dicaprio didn’t make a movie on his life for no reason.

Do yourself a favour and Go Grab Jordan’s Straight Line Persuasion System

After leaving my high paying sales job, I tried to setup 3 businesses all of which failed.

I did everything from trying to setup a recruitment company,  a company that sold training to truck drivers, and I almost setup a fried chicken shop!

Can you believe that, a fried chicken shop! Man just thinking about that now is crazy! LOL

Not that there is anything wrong with fried chicken, Colonel Sanders done pretty well.

With a broken heart ,and a broken mind, and using the remainder of my fast diminishing savings, I started hustling on Ebay.

I started off selling old junk in my house, and then went onto buying stuff from auctions for cheap and reselling on ebay.

I finally started importing goods from ali baba and selling them on ebay, and was making a killing.

Within a year I had figured out some underground selling strategies, and had developed my own system.

I was generating $10K – $20k a month.

On the side I started studying online marketing, and started a new hustle on the CPA networks doing affiliate marketing.

A few years later I bumped into an underground online marketer who mentored me, and with his guidance I wrote about my method of ebay selling in an ebook, and created a video course.

This ended up selling thousands of copies and became a Clickbank number 1 best seller and made almost $1 Million dollars.


My mind was officially blown. I never expected this, and never knew this type of money could be made online selling a digital product!

Something that took me a couple of months to put together, and had no hard cost to it.

I mean it was a digital product. It was just information…

I had unknowingly, unintentionally tapped into the world of online product launches, and discovered the power of email marketing.

I made my first million dollars by the age of 24.

I continued honing my skills at driving traffic, creating high converting funnels, and building my list
(The 3 essential things needed for making money online.. more on this later so keep reading)

I also discovered that I had a passion for teaching, and a talent for making others achieve success pretty quickly.

I continued to invest in my own personal development, my own learning, and started modelling other wealthy people whose success I admired and who I wanted to be like.
(Hint: another very important component of the successful and wealthy is  that they always invest in themselves, invest in their businesses,  and hire mentors)

Over the years, I created 9 more digital products all of which became best sellers on clickbank, making me a multi millionaire, and catapulting me rather reluctantly into the status of an online ‘Guru’.

I  built up a list of 400,000 subscribers, and 30,000 affiliates.

I could send out a couple of emails, and make over $100K at the click of a few buttons.

I could spend 4 weeks putting together a marketing funnel, that would pretty much guarantee me 7 figures, and a massive list by the end of it.

Things were starting to feel pretty damn awesome.

My online campaigns would bring in at times $100,000 a day!

That’s more money than most people will ever see in their entire lives.

I started speaking on stage to thousands of people around the world at renowned marketing conferences. Till date I have shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, and President Bill Clinton.

My student success stories started hitting the roof. Many People were following my systems and trainings, and generating multiple 6 figures, and the ones who really pushed and followed what I showed them became millionaires.


Things in my life were moving quickly.

My social circle started growing.

Name and fame were flooding into my reality.

I was thrown into the spot light.

Deep inside I was just a kid who grew up on the rough streets of north London.

I never really prepared for this kind of success.

My parents came over to the UK in the 70s from India. My dad worked hard as a restaurant worker for decades as he bought me up whilst simultaneously taking care of his entire family of 8 siblings and all of their children on his own.

He was a symbol for hard work, and old school family values.

Money problems were always present in our life.

Although I love my parents as they always did the best for me, and never let me go without anything.

I had no experience or training in how to run a business, or how to handle millions of dollars.

I just worked my ass off and somehow cracked the code to making millions on the internet.

I didn’t really have any great business acumen at that time.

Slowly I got lured into a world of snakes and fake friends. Parties in Vegas, first class flights to Dubai, New York, California..


..Being offered hypey real estate deals by money hungry sharks etc You get the drill. Being naive, and having cash in the bank I started spending, and spending, and spending…

I even moved away from my main business that earned me everything I had, and started venturing into unknown territory.

( A word of advice, always stick to what you know. Find what you love, what you are passionate about and Get into a particular field that you are interested in. Then get good at, and then become a master of it. Be a leader and milk it all the way until you become firmly established, before you start dipping your toe into other things. Its better to be a master of one thing than a jack of all trades)

Within a couple of years I found myself almost losing everything I had, being surrounded by wolves in sheep’s clothing, and not knowing what to do to get my life back on track.

Its only by the grace of God (divine, nature, universe, whatever you want to call it).

Some higher power, whether that was my own inner self, or some other force, which bought me back to reality and back onto my feet, and back onto the echelons of success beyond my wildest imagination.

I started going back to what I know best which is marketing and sales, and started developing funnels in different markets, and banking big money again.

I also started working with some of the most innovative companies in the world, developing their marketing systems, and taking a large chunk of their profits.. Ha, I always love that.

Anyway this post is not really meant to me about me. Its actually designed for you.

Whats most important is that since you are reading this, you can learn from my successes and my mistakes.

By the way this isn’t some professional advice, this is my journey and what has worked for me.

It may be totally useless for you, or it might totally change your life. Either way read, and enjoy.
I am writing this only for entertainment purposes.

After coaching thousands of entrepreneurs, and achieving a significant amount of success…

(I say significant because to most what I have achieved is probably inspiring, but for me I am still not where I want to be. The journey continues and I never want to say I have reached my goal as then life stops. You see, I have realised deep down that its not the destination that matters but the journey, and the journey should never stop. We should always be growing, always be achieving more, always be moving to the next level. I mean that’s what life is about right? Never get complacent and comfortable in life, otherwise you are finished. I did that once. I had millions in the bank and got lazy, and started to relax a bit too much. The years that followed were some of the worst in my entire life for my business, and subsequently everything else in my life suffered. Everything stagnated. So my advice to you is stay hungry and keep it moving. Take a break occasionally to enjoy where you are at, and then get straight back on it. The world needs more leaders like you to shake things up and make a difference)

…One of the most common questions I get is: “Saj your results are incredible you have made millions in a few short years, and created several millionaire success stories, but I want to make my first $10k – $100k per month online. If you were starting from scratch, and you needed to make $100k per month fast, what would you do?”

So no BS and no fluff, I want to tell you how I would go from zero to my first $100,000 per month income if I had to start again from ground zero.

In this short but powerful blog post I will give you the shocking truth.

The simple step by step plan to making your first $100k per month online.

This will awaken you to your true potential, and may keep you up all night with excitement at what is now possible for you.

So shall we get started?

You wanna grab some pop corn and a coke?

I’m only joking, try not to drink too muck coke that shit is bad for you, and so is anything with too much sugar. (Your body is your temple so look after it well. In order for you to be a super achiever, you need to look after your body. Fuel it in the proper way, and have high amounts of energy so you can feel good all the time, and be super productive. More on this later).

I will reveal to you the actual formula to get to $100K per month online, but here are a couple of essential prerequisites before we get started on the marketing stuff:

Lesson 1: C.D.D.A
Clarity, Desire, Decision, Action

Lesson 1, you have to know what you fu**ing want otherwise how will you get it?

Sorry, excuse my french.

I mean this sounds obvious right? But you would be surprised the amount of people who say they want to be successful, but never actually define clearly on paper what that success means to them, and what it should be composed of.

Figure out what you want and get clarity on it.

How much do you want to make a month – $10K, $20K, $100K? Know what you want clearly, and know what vehicle you are going to use to create it. Then write it down on paper in present tense as an affirmation:

i.e. “I am making $100,000 a month in my online business.” Affirm this! This is your goal! Believe in it!

I can talk about goal setting for hours, and may do another whole blog post on it.

Goals can be broken down into minute details, so you can figure out exactly what it will take for you to get there.

i.e. If I am selling a product online for $1000, then I need to sell 100 units a month to make $100k.

That’s 25 units a week, and 3.5 units a day.

3.5 sales a day of a $1000 product will get me to $100K per month.

So if I aim to get 100 leads into my sales funnel daily with a 3% conversion rate, I will reach my goal of $100k per month.

Therefore my specific goal and focus would be to get 100 leads everyday into my sales funnel. I will talk more about this concept later on so keep reading.

Get clear on what you want, and then write your goal down in present tense. Print out several copies of this, and stick it all around your house. This is very powerful!

Stick it in your office, in your bedroom, on your bathroom mirror, on your fridge , in your car – everywhere you possibly can!

If you can’t do this because your family will witch hunt you and think you are crazy, then at least stick it in a private journal, and look at it numerous times a day… especially when you wake up, and before you go to sleep.

The goal needs to penetrate your subconscious mind, I will tell you what that is in a few minutes.

Read your goal in front of the mirror everyday as you look into your eyes. Feel the reality of it now as if it has already happened.

Feel it with all of your senses. Use your imagination, and become your goal right now. Do this daily with power and emotion.

You need to build up a burning desire for that goal, and it needs to envelop your mind, your body and your soul.

Desire is the fire within you that will help you achieve your goals, and you need your desire to be strong so that you can overcome any obstacles that come up on your journey to achieving what you want (and there will be lots of obstacles so be ready).

However, if you have a strong desire, you will always persevere and push through. Every successful person has failed many times, and they embrace failure.

Failure is nothing but a learning mechanism for the successful. They learn from it, adapt, remold themselves and get straight back on it.

For average people its a reason to give up early.

I have failed way more times than I have succeeded, but I guess it isn’t very sexy to talk about failure.

However my desire to succeed has always been way stronger than the failure, so if I fall down 10 times I am ready to get up 11.

This is the key to success.

One way to build up a strong desire, is to have an emotional ‘why’, and a strong reason behind your goal for success.

Why do you want to make $100K a month?

Just wanting to make that money without any emotion will get you nowhere, its better you find a job.

Get some f ‘in passion behind you, and inject that passion into your desire and your goals.

So why do you want to make $100k?

Is it to give your kids a better life, which you never had?

Do you want to help the poor? Change the world?

The why should be bigger than you, and fueled with emotion. That way no obstacle will ever hold you back.

After coaching thousands, I can see straight away now in someones eyes if they have what it takes to become successful, if they have that spark.

Most people are wussies. They will give up at the first taste of failure, and the economy needs these people to work at low level positions within our society.

I don’t say this arrogantly, but with love. The system needs workers. Decide what you want to be…

An entrepreneur is ready to do what it takes, and will never let failure stop them.

Ask Branson how many times he has failed, and how many failed businesses he has had. Did he give up?

When I first got started, my drive was to give my parents and especially my mum a better a life as I saw them  work hard and struggle their entire lives.

Just thinking about it still brings a tear to my eye.

That was my driving force. It was loaded with emotion, and it was way bigger than any failure I was about to encounter.

Now, I want to give the best to my son. I want to empower millions of people to become leaders, to take charge over their finances and their destiny so they can impact the world for the better.

That’s my mission. I have a vision that will always be bigger than any obstacle or failure.

This reminds me of a story.

Can I tell you a story?

The story is about the secret of success, you will like it.

It’s about a budding entrepreneur who was desperate to know the secret of success, and decided to find out from a spiritual Guru.

Now this Guru was a very wise, old sage who knew every secret of Life.

He lived in isolation on a high secluded mountain-top.

So our hero entrepreneur set out on his arduous journey to meet this wise man.

He was absolutely determined to reach the top of the mountain range, and he got over many obstacles on his way.

Fighting through dense jungle, dodging huge boulders, narrowly escaping the jaws of wild beasts… At last he clambered to the peak and lay on the ground, gasping for breath.

A few minutes later, he sat up… and beheld in front of him the Guru seated in deep meditation…

Patiently he waited, in absolute silence, and complete stillness.

Many hours later, the Guru finally opened his eyes and glanced at the man, almost as if he was looking straight though him directly into the deepest recesses of his soul

The entrepreneur stammered, “Oh wise and all-knowing seer, I come to you in search of the secret of success.”

The Guru didn’t reply. He simply stood up and started walking down the hill.

The entrepreneur followed.

He found it difficult to keep pace with the old Guru, who seemed to skip seamlessly from one rock to the other like a young mountain kid.

They continued walking for hours, meandering through different routes down the mountain side.

Suddenly, they came upon a clearing. In the middle was a large crystal clear lake.

The waters were still, glimmering with the reflection of the sun.

The Guru walked to the lake, and walked in until the water was almost to his knees.

He beckoned the entrepreneur closer, and with a gesture, he asked him to kneel down.

Feeling a bit perplexed, but having faith in the Guru, the entrepreneur followed the instructions given to him.

All of sudden, he felt the thud of a strong hand clasp the back of his neck. His head was forced down violently under the water, and held there with a firm grip.

Shocked and traumatized by what was happening, the entrepreneur tried to maintain his composure under water. “Maybe this is some kind of test” he thought to himself.

60 seconds passed, and he was growing breathless. The grip on his neck got stronger, and his head was forced down further under the water. Another 20 seconds went by, and he was getting anxious and started to fight for his life. His heart started beating heavily, his throat started constricting, and his lungs were screaming for air.

He struggled to rise up, and the old man’s grip only became stronger, and pushed him further down into the water.

The entrepreneur was now in a frantic state. He fluttered around under the water wildly like a fish, trying with all his might to loosen the vise around his neck and get his life back. Precious seconds passed, and he felt his energy and consciousness slowly fading away.

He was about to die, he knew his time was up!

Just as he was  giving up hope, and losing his senses the hand on his neck let go.

Violently leaping onto the shore, the man drew in his breath in heaving gasps.

Bursts of oxygen started to flood his lungs.

His vision grew clearer, His lungs started relaxing, and he started to come back to reality.

With his entire body trembling from shock,  he screamed at the Guru “Are you F*c*ing CRAZY! You could have killed me!”

The Guru stood there expressionless staring into his soul with an empty gaze…

Then he spoke for the first time.

“You wanted to know the secret of success. Well, Here it is. Do you remember, just a few minutes ago, how badly you wanted to take that next breath of air? When you want success as badly as you want to breathe, then you shall have it. That’s the secret of success.”

Without saying another word, he turned around and walked back to his mountain abode.


How Badly Do YOU Want Success?

Ask anyone if they want more money, and they will say yes.

Ask any entrepreneurs if they want to succeed, and you’ll get a firm ‘Yes’.

But ask them what they’re willing to give up, sacrifice, suffer, accept, tolerate and forego for that success – and you’ll get mixed responses and mostly silence.

A few expect success to be instant and effortless.  I call these folks ‘dreamers’.

Some are willing to invest a little bit of time and effort to get results, but won’t push beyond that, and beyond their comfort zone, being satisfied with whatever they can achieve, or grumbling that this doesn’t work when they are faced with a challenge, obstacle or failure.

A very small minority are able and willing to give everything they got. Willing to push beyond all boundaries, all obstacles and all limitations to get what they want.  They don’t settle for less than their ambitious goals. They are ready to do whatever it takes to reach them – because they want success so badly.

The world needs these fearless souls as these are the ones that shape the reality for thousands.

It’s good that they are so determined – because often, the most worthwhile accomplishments require a certain level of commitment to attain. After all, if a target were so easy and simple that anyone could hit it, would everyone really want to?

Remember that every Dream will be tested.

When you dream of doing great things, reaching new heights, making a difference, creating enormous value, changing lives, attaining rare heights of success, those dreams will definitely be tested.

And you can make them come true – provided you have what it takes, and are willing to give it everything you got.

Once you know what you want with clarity, and have a strong burning desire for it, the next step is to make a damn decision that you are going to get it, and then don’t let anything stop you.

Be willing to do what it takes, and be ready to take massive action towards your goal every single day.

It’s your life, and only you are going to make your dreams come true, no one else. So what are you waiting for?

Know what you want, and then make a damn decision that you are going to go and make it happen, and let nothing or no one stop you.

You have to be willing to do what it takes. Being an entrepreneur is a hustlers game, and only the strong survive, its not for everybody.

When you decide that you are going to make your dreams come true, and you are fired up, the next step is to take consistent action every single day, towards your goals.

Let me repeat that, as its important.

You need to work every single day towards your goals.

There are too many wannabe part time entrepreneurs who dream of working a few hours a week and making millions.

Anybody that did that, worked damn hard to get there in the first place. And if they continue to work in that way, they will not be at the top for very long.

This is a hustlers game, and you gotta put in the work.

Remember this one thing, and you will never fall short in your life:

There is no substitute for hard work.

The most successful people I have met are the ones that work the hardest, and the longest hours. This is a fact.

In my circle I have many multi millionaires, and even a few billionaires, and most of them work 12 – 15 hours+ a day on their businesses (Note I said on their businesses, and not in their businesses. Most successful people leverage people and systems to do the grunt work so they can focus on the things that bring them growth. However, in the beginning you gotta do what it takes. Be ready to do whatever it takes.)

Not because they have to… They can easily spend the rest of their lives chilling on the beach sipping cocktails (how boring), but they work ferociously because they love what they do.

They have a grand vision, a big mission, and they love growing their companies and reaching new goals and milestones.

Its not work, its a way of life.

Its the passion that drives them.

They want to impact the world. They are leaders.

As I sit and write this blog post, I am just coming to the final leg of a new project I am launching that I have been working on for almost 15 hours per day for the last 3 months straight.

The last 3 months I have had no social life, have had hardly any interaction with human beings, my hair, nails, and beard have grown so long that I look like a hermit, and I have literally been in my office glued to my laptop screen.


Because within the next 2 years its going to make me at least $10 million dollars.

Once I launch this and things start kicking off, I am going to take my wife and my son ,and spend 2 weeks on a tropical beach in some 5 star resort some place on this earth.

That’s my reward  to myself for my hard work (remember to always reward yourself, and celebrate your successes and hard work. This is very important. Be good to yourself. Love yourself, and treat yourself well).

Most people think especially when it comes to making money online, that you can relax on the beach sipping cocktails and not do any work.

Ha, this can be true, although this kinda lifestyle gets boring very quickly (I’m talking from experience).

To get to a stage where you can click a few buttons and make millions takes a lot of setup and hard work.

You can do it if you are willing to put in the hard work initially.

You don’t have to work 15 hours a day! But put in the necessary hours to build your dreams, its worth it, and you can celebrate and enjoy the fruits later.

It takes a lot of hard work to be lazy in this industry. (However, there is a proven lazy way to make 6/7 figures online fast. I will tell you more about that soon so keep reading).

Knowing your goals, having the right vehicle, and then taking consistent daily action is what will turn you into a super achiever.

Add to that a relentless attitude that never gives up, and you are closer to success than you think.

Now, I’m quite a spiritual person (note I said spiritual, and not religious). Not that I have anything against religion.

If it makes you a more loving, compassionate, and evolved person, then good for you. Do what works for you, and whats best for humanity. We all need to embrace oneness and step away from separation (just a side note on my personal beliefs).

I meditate every day for around 2 hours, and practice a lot of yoga. Its the fuel for my soul (more on that in a moment).

I spent some time once with a Buddhist Lama who taught me one of his secret meditation practices passed down to him from his lineage.

It’s very interesting.

He said to me that everyday when he wakes up, for the first 45 minutes, he contemplates and meditates upon his own death!

I know, that’s wild right?

Why on earth would some one do that?

But, there is deep meaning here.

He literally sees himself as dead,  at his funeral, with all of his family there, and feels the reality of that whole process.

And then he starts his day.

The reasons he does this, is to remind himself about the impermanence of this physical world, and stay more focused upon his spiritual dimension.

I learned a great entrepreneurial lesson from what he shared with me.

Wanna hear it?

You see, there is only one thing that is guaranteed in life.

Can you guess what that is?

Its death.

No one can escape it, and its coming closer every day, with each breath you take.

Sorry, I don’t mean to get all dark on you here.

I am merely stating a fact.

Listen, all of us have become so unconscious that we forget about this fact. Each day which passes, is a day that we will never get back.

If you were to truly and deeply contemplate that you will die, and its getting closer every day, and that its guaranteed, would you waste another second doing something useless?

Would you be working at a job building someone else’s dream, or would you start building your own?

Imagine yourself at your funereal, and see your whole family and kids etc there.

See your body laying in your coffin.

Now start to contemplate, what type of life did you lead?

Did you achieve your dreams?

Did you leave enough resources behind for your loved ones?

Will they still need to struggle to survive?

Did you make an impact in this world?

How many lives did you touch?

Did you leave behind a legacy, or will you be just another forgotten number?

When you realize deeply that your time here is limited, and every day wasted is a day you will never get back, you will never be unconscious and waste your time.

If you continue to do the same things you are doing now, where will you be in the next 1 year, 5 years, 10 years? Think about this deeply. If you are wasting time right now, this should wake you up.

Always ask yourself this question: The things I did today, did they bring me closer to my dreams or take me further away from them?

Consistent daily action towards their dreams is a trait I have seen in every single self made successful person I have met.

Model this and get straight to work, your time is running out.

Remember this one thing: Success always lies beyond your comfort zone.

Push yourself, stretch yourself, get ok with feeling and operating outside of your comfort  zone. You are on the path to becoming a super achiever.

I used to hate doing public speaking.

Just thinking about it used to make me tremble.

It was one of the things I feared the most.

Then I pushed my self and started speaking on stage all around the world. Every time before I got up and went on stage, I would break into a sweat.

I would need to go to the bathroom prior to me speaking just to calm my self down and do some deep breathing.

But I never let my fear stop me. I pushed myself to do it over and over again, until I conquered the fear…

…and this not only boosted my brand, but made me millions of dollars.

Imagine if I had stayed scared and stayed comfortable, and never pushed myself to keep taking action.

Be persistent, hustle hard, and develop a high threshold to pain, failure, and rejection.

These are all part of the journey. Embrace them and enjoy them, and you will be 1000 steps ahead of the rest.

Some of the challenges I face in life and in business are just ridiculous. I know most average people would not even be able to comprehend it or cope with it. But I have a compelling “Why” and an over riding grand vision that gets me through the tough times.

Be sure to have your own compelling future that will drive you forward even when you think all is not working out.Build these traits within yourself as an entrepreneur, create big goals, stick to your deadlines, and be held accountable.

Oh, and the most important thing I can tell you, is to stay detached to the end outcome, don’t let your happiness be dependent on other people or how big your bank account gets,  or anything external for that matter.

Everything external is temporary, it will not last forever. Base your happiness on just being you, being grateful for life itself. This way you can never lose.

If I lost everything tomorrow, I know deep down although I would go through stress, I will not forsake my happiness.

Everything external is an addition to my happiness, and not the cause for it. My happiness comes from within, from being in a state of gratitude, from my connection to my spiritual dimension of life.

Develop winning habits, start early, it’s never too late.

Find the habits that serve you, and find successful people who you resonate with and who you can model. Develop the habits that are required for your success, and cultivate a state of focused discipline towards your goals.

This is an unstoppable formula for success.

I’m assuming you are on the path to success – whatever that means for you. Once piece of advice I can give you is


The rewards are incredible for those who persevere. Have fun, don’t take life too seriously.

Now Get on with your hustle.

Lesson 2: T.F.P.M.
Time, Focus, Productivity, Momentum

Be protective over your most valuable resource. Its the only currency you actually have. Any guesses what that is?

Yes you got it, its time.

Have you seen the movie that was released a few years back called ‘In Time’ starring Justin Timberlake?

It’s an interesting Plot.

Set In 2169, people are born genetically engineered with a digital clock on their forearm. When they turn 25 years old, they stop aging and their clock begins counting down from one year; when it reaches zero that person “times out” and dies.

Time has become the universal currency; it is used to pay for day-to-day expenses and can be transferred between people or capsules.

The country has been divided into “time zones” based on the wealth of the population.

The film focuses on two specific zones: Dayton – a poor manufacturing area where people generally have 24 hours or less on their clock at any given time – and New Greenwich – the wealthiest time zone, where people have enough time on their clock to live for centuries.

Time is the only thing you have. Time is life. Time is money.

How are you using your time?

Who or what are you giving your time to?

The activities you are doing, are they making maximum leverage of your only finite resource, time?

Respect your time, expect others to do the same, and make the best use of it. As unlike in the movie, its the only thing you can’t afford to buy more of.

We all have 24 hours in a day. In that time some people are making millions, whilst other are doing nothing.

In his book screw it lets do it (I think it was that one, I highly recommend you read it) Richard Branson was asked by a group of entrepreneurs once, whats his secret to success. His reply was that in both his business life and his personal life, he makes every second count.

Think about that, every ‘second’ counts.

Here is a man who really understands the concept and importance of time, and its no surprise what his outcome is as a result. He is a billionaire, and owns over 200 companies, when most people cant even manage 1.

For most people even years don’t count. They go on year after year doing the same old things, living the same mediocre reality.

I remember wasting years of my life smoking, drinking, partying, and doing nothing.

I enjoyed it at that time, but I had nothing to show for it.

Nowadays I make sure I always try my best to make maximum leverage of my time.

When I am not working, and I am with my friends or family having down time, I make sure I am with them 100%.

I know all of these moments I will never get back, so I try to live them fully, and experiencing them fully.

A powerful way to get maximum leverage over your time is to follow the Pareto principle also known as the 80 20 rule. Heard of it?

Its a very interesting concept that shows how 80% of an outcome or effect is determined by 20% of an activity or cause.

So for example, in a company, 80% of the profits are generated by 20% of the employees.

80% of my revenue comes from 20% of my activities.

80% of my daily income is generated by 20% of my ads.

80% of value is achieved with the first 20% of effort.

80% of software problems are caused by 20% of bugs.

80% of sales come from 20% of your clients.

80% of wealth is owned by 20% of people etc

The list is endless and is shown to be true in many areas of life and nature.

Work out what are the 20% of activities that will bring you 80% of the results you are seeking, and prioritize them, then complete them on a daily basis.

Create a daily to do list of 3 of the most important activities you need to perform that will bring you 80% of your results, and get them done first.

Then move onto the rest of the things you need to do, or delegate that work to someone else.

Living by this principle completely transformed my business.

I focus on the things that get me the biggest results: driving traffic, building my list, creating my sales funnels.

Everything else I outsource.

Having good management over your time will require you to have focus, and this is one of the hardest things to master.

This is the one skill that can make you a multi millionaire or even a billionaire.

The one brain hack that super successful people have, and ordinary people struggle with.

Wanna know what that is?

The ability to focus on one thing for extended periods of time without being distracted.

If  I could request to have only one super power, then this would be it:

To achieve greater and greater levels of focus.

This is the key to all success and overrides everything else.

Think about the rays of the sun.

When they are focused on one point via a magnifying glass for a period of time what happens? FIRE!

You see, our minds are sabotaged with ADD.

We can barely hold our concentration on one thing without having a gazillion other thoughts going through our head.

And our society now reflects this ADD level of mind.

Email, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, text messages all firing off one after the other.

This state of having a fragmented unfocused mind is the reason for all of your failure and frustration.

If you want to master your life, master the ability to focus on one thing with absolute focus and no distractions.

This is key to your success, and also key to your productivity.

Don’t just be a busy person, be someone who is busy getting results.

You need to be productive.

I remember I would have so much work to do, and would sit at my computer for hours and sometimes days without getting much done.

My mind would be in a million different places, and I would be surfing all over the web wasting hours.

It used to take me forever to get things done because I just could not focus my mind for long enough.

This state of ADD is the biggest curse in your life. Don’t take it lightly.

The mind is like a muscle, we will talk about that more in the next section. You need to train it to be able to focus.

A focused mind can achieve miracles.

An unfocused mind is the cause of poverty and depression.

These days when I really get into the zone and can focus upon what I am doing, I forget about the whole world. Nothing else exists apart form the activity I am doing in front of me.

Its not easy to reach this state, its a journey and it needs practice.

Without focus its impossible to be productive, and if you are not productive you are wasting your time.

As time is life, therefore you are wasting your life.

And ultimately time is money, so you are wasting your money potential.

Focus is everything!

I must confess though, there are days and times where I f*#k up and totally lose my ability to focus and get very little done.

My ADD kicks in and I get lost.

It happens quite regularly. I am still learning, and still trying master this damn thing.

Its hard.

When I am procrastinating, one thing that motivates me again is the fact that I have a circle of high achievers around me who keep me accountable.

When I see what they are doing, and see their progress, it naturally gives me a kick up the backside and I stop procrastinating and get straight back to work.
(Your circle of friends and associates is crucial to your success, will tell you more about this shortly).

Here is a great productivity hack that literally transformed my business.

Its working using the 50-10  formula.

So my buddy Eben Pagen who is probably one of the most successful marketers in the game teaches a similar technique in his get productive course.

If you don’t have that, do yourself a favor – go buy it. It will transform your business.

Basically, each day you have only a certain amount of will power and mental energy that gets zapped up with decision making and other thought processes.

So the goal is, as soon as you wake up and do your morning routine (shower, exercise, yoga etc)…

…when you sit down at the computer, be sure to switch of all distraction including email, phone etc everything. Looking at these things will zap your energy. Instead focus on working on your most important task and do this for 50 minutes straight without any distractions, and then take a break for 10 minutes and do something completely different to change your mind state. Take a nap or go for a walk etc.

Then repeat.

Having 2 or 3 focused, productive  power sessions of work like this every day, is enough to totally change your life and get you big results.

After 3 sessions, take a longer break for 30 – 45 mins.

Then later in the day once you have got enough priority work done, check your emails and do whatever else you need to do.

I can’t tell you how powerful this is.

I used to get up every morning, and the first thing I used to do whilst laying in my bed is check my emails.

That way before my day had even started, I would be getting sucked into all different type of issues and getting sucked into other agendas.

By the time I had finished dealing with everything, I had no focus or mental energy left to do any real work on growing my business.

Now I structure my days totally different.

I get up and the first thing I do is drink 1 litre of pure still spring water.

I then do 1 hour of meditation and yoga, have a wash and then go straight to my office.

Once there, I switch off all distractions, and do 90minutes of focused work growing my business. Then I take a break.

I do multiple sessions like this as required throughout the day.

If 90 minutes is too much for you to hold your focus, start with less. Do 50 mins with a 10 minute break, or whatever else works for you.

The key is to get into a habit of working in focused blocks of time towards your goals without distractions.

My output and results have sky rocketed since I have applied this simple principle in my life.

Once you adopt this way of working, you will start to build up massive momentum, and this momentum will create big movement, which will carry you closer and closer to your goals.

Lesson 3: M.B.S.F.
Mind, Body, Spirit, Flow

This is one of the most important areas that is very close to my heart, and something very few people take the time to properly think about and integrate.

This is the integration of your mind, your body, and your spirit. All 3 of which are crucial for not only your success in life, but also your happiness.

Lets start off with your mind, that thing you live in about 99% of the time.

Are you controlling it, or is it controlling you?

Your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions… Are they all congruent and aligned towards your dreams and goals, or are they at constant war with each other?

You see, the mind is something I became very interested in over a decade ago, when I realized that all successful people think very differently to average people.

They literally perceive reality through a different set of filters.

An ordinary person may think money is evil and hard to come buy.

A successful person thinks money is a great tool with which they can help the world, and its easy to generate money at will (You will be able to generate money at will when you follow my system that I will tell you about later so keep reading).

My journey into the mind led me to study and get a masters degree in NLP, Eriksonian Hypnosis, become a meditator, learn about the subconscious and unconscious parts of the mind, and study great prominent psychologists like Carl Jung.

I am a freak when it comes to this stuff ,and I just cant get enough of it. It fascinates me…

And, the mystery still continues.

I could go on speaking about the mind for days, and we still would not even scratch the surface. It’s a vast subject, so let me just cover some important points that will be beneficial on your entrepreneurial journey.

First of all you should think positive thoughts about yourself, your life, the world ,and everything around you.

Life is way to short to wallow in negativity, so snap out of it. I don’t care how bad things have been for you, there have been others who have been through much worse.

Negativity and negative thinking will only diminish your energy, and create obstacles in your life. You cannot be a successful person with a negative mind, so slap yourself, and get over it.

Keep away from all things negative, like negative news on the TV, negative people in your environment who doubt you and crush your dreams. Parasites who just want to zap the goodness from you. Cut them all off.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you, and who are achieving their goals, and this will naturally boost you.

As the great thought leader Jim Rohn says, you are the sum total of the 5 people who you hang around the most, so choose your friends wisely.

Are you hanging around with people who are high achievers, or are you hanging around with pessimistic low energy vampires?

When I started to become an entrepreneur, I had to let go of all of my old friends who were into things I was no longer resonating with.

When I started to hang around with millionaires, very quickly I became a millionaire.

It naturally elevated my game.

This is a secret to success that works every time. Start hanging out with millionaires regularly, and you will become successful, as their energy rubs off on you.

Start hanging around with losers every day, and you will only have yourself to blame when you become one.

I started a personal development company a few years back called advanced mind sciences that has over 100,000 members who learn about the mind and how to master it in a lot of detail.

Currently the membership is closed, I may reopen it at some point.

But to give you an overview without getting too deep:

You basically have two layers to your mind, the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind accounts for 10% of your thinking, and its what you use to function in your day to day reality.

However, in the background you have the 90% of your mind which is known as your subconscious.

This part of your psyche controls all of your actions, your beliefs, and your perceptions.

The majority of it gets formed during your childhood years of 1 – 12.

Whatever you have gone through during these years, and the programming you received from your parents, your teachers, your society, your church etc get established within your subconscious, and goes onto to form your beliefs and your perceptions about reality.

Most if not all people have severe sabotage within their subconscious minds. Especially when it comes to the subject of money, success, and feeling worthy to receive abundance.

You are most likely going through this subconscious struggle at some level, otherwise you would already be at the level of success you desire.

It’s an ongoing process to rectify this damage.

Learn to believe in yourself, and in your dreams.

Let me give you some powerful advice: don’t speak to many people about your dreams unless you know they will be truly supportive of what you are doing.

A lot of the times the negativity and judgement from others can dampen your self esteem, and stunt your progress.

I rarely talk about the ventures and projects I am doing with others who don’t need to know until I have accomplished my milestones.

Don’t just talk for the sake of talking.

Learn to improve your self esteem.

Having high self esteem lets you manufacture your own optimism to the point that you don’t really care what anyone says or thinks about you, that’s when you truly are free to create.

The more you love yourself, the more you will want for yourself, which will immediately increase your chances of success.  Start liking, then loving yourself. Go to the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself.

Having a well developed self esteem increases your ability to move forward, fail fast, and keep at it, you know internally you are the man/woman, and you don’t need anyone’s validation or approval.

Naturally the more results you get, the more confidence you will get in your abilities, in your communication, your posture and how you carry yourself.

However, you need to have it in your mind ALREADY and live confidently to attract what you want.

I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, they are doing their thing, and I am doing mine.

I celebrate the success of others, and use it to inspire me, and give me more drive.

I used to compare myself to others by looking at their success, looking at my failure, and then using that as a reason to feel low, inadequate, and beat myself up about it.

It took me a long time to realise and get over this mental subconscious sabotage pattern. Never do this! It will zap all the goodness, power and creativity out of you.

I don’t compare myself to anyone anymore. Everyone is human. No one is greater or lower than anyone else. If you work hard and work smart you will succeed. The playing field is level.

Appreciate yourself and who you are deeply. Appreciate where you are at right now. Make peace with your life. This will heal your mind and your self image. With a broken self image you cannot be confident, and without confidence you cannot become successful.

The most successful people I know also seem to have the most amount of self confidence, and self esteem.

When you are aligned with your highest values,, you are confident.

Confidence is sexy.

Confidence attracts people into your life.

Be it, develop it, live it, and inspire others with your confidence.

Don’t seek approval from others, and above all don’t let your happiness be based on external circumstances.

Learn to be happy with your life just the way it is, and accept yourself deeply, whilst having big dreams and taking action.

Love and forgive all of those who have done you wrong. There was a lesson to learn from all of those people.

And above all, love and forgive yourself.

This will make it easier for you to have a harmonious and positive mind state.

Start being grateful for your life and the things you have, and you will open your heart for more abundance to flow into your life.

Be happy and do things every day that make you feel happy. This is crucial!

Whether that’s listening to music or playing sports, or going for a walk, its important to keep your emotional state upbeat and happy as much as possible.

This will make it a lot easier for you to get things done, and will eliminate a lot of friction from your mind and your life.

My buddy Vishen Lakhiani who built one of the largest and most successful personal growth companies in the world, Mind Valley, talks about the state of flow.

It is a mental state of mind in which you are pulled forward by big goals, yet happy where you are now.

This creates a feeling of growth and a feeling of being lucky.

He says everyday we wake up, shower, brush our teeth, and wash our bodies, but so few of us take the time to wash our minds.

Wash our minds of anxiety, dread, self loathing etc yet this is one of the most fundamental ways for us to hack our happiness.

Do things that make you happy, and feel positive emotions like love, joy and bliss more.

You will create success much easier if you are a happy person.

Also visualize your goals regularly. Create a mental movie of your life the way you want to see it, and experience this movie in your inner sanctum as frequently as possible.

Be like a child, and imagine yourself living out your dream life just the way you want it.

Visualization is used by some of the most successful people, and athletes in the world.

It greatly impresses the subconscious mind, and helps you manifest the things you want quicker.

Here’s another mega tip that will not only help you master your mind, it will make you more productive, and get the most out of your life.

Learn to live in the present moment!

This goes back to what I was saying earlier about the ADD mind.

Whenever you are doing something, whether that’s eating your dinner, having a conversation with someone, or working on  your laptop, your body is there, yet your mind is usually somewhere else.

This zaps your energy, and also makes you miss the beauty of life in front of you.

You never get to experience life fully, as your mind is seldom present with what you are doing.

The mind usually fluctuates between thoughts of the past, and thoughts of the future.

It rarely remains still in the present moment.

Work on being present in everything you do.

Not only will you get more done, you will have a more fruitful experience of life, and your relationships will get enhanced.

Meditation helps with this a lot (as you can probably tell I am a big fan of meditation, go try it if you haven’t already).

Next, look after your body well!

I used to be a mega fast food junkie, used to smoke cigarettes, and drink a lot of alcohol.

I still enjoy the occasional glass of fine wine, and the odd kfc here and there (yes I am a bit of a sucker for kfc).

But generally I eat healthy and do yoga and stretches every morning.

In fact here is my morning routine.

Wake up, drink 1 litre of good quality water.

Meditate, do yoga and stretches.

Make a green juice with Apple, Celery, Kale, Spirulina, Chlorella, Cucumber etc (This will change your life try it!).

Then I have a nice healthy breakfast, look at my goals, and start my day.

I am full of energy and ready to devour my daily goals.

I’m not going to tell you how you should look after your own body here.

But all I am going to say is this. If you want to be massively successful, you need good health, vitality, and lots of energy. So eat right, do exercise, drink lots of water, and take in a lot of greens via smoothies and juicing.

I am not an exercise freak.

I just do the basics, and its more than enough for me to maintain my level of energy and health.

Next is to nurture your spirit.

Whether you believe in God or Spirt, or you don’t. Whether you believe in other dimensions of existence or you don’t, it doesn’t matter. This is not an exercise in changing your beliefs.

Rather, its a way for you to go deeper within yourself.

The fact is, you need to spend some time outside of your mind and thinking process, and tap into another part of yourself to help you reset and rejuvenate.

Some get there by prayer, some get there by meditation, others by deep relaxation or being with nature.

Do what works for you, and regularly disconnect from the world, from your day to day life and your thinking processes.

Spend time alone.

Meditate, and Spend time alone, with a notepad/journal – offline.

Switch of the technology and get in touch with nature. Nourish yourself, relax and love yourself, this is where breakthroughs, creativity and clarity of thinking is derived from.

You will find out how your own mind works, and how it tries to trick you and sabotage you.

We all have this internal trickster which makes us doubt ourselves, and doubt what we are doing, and feel like S**it sometimes.

Learn to process through your ‘stuff’, and develop your own rituals to feel good and get into a positive state.

Mediation works the best for me

Lesson 4: Never Stop Your Learning and Growth, And Never Stop Investing In Yourself

I remember some time back my business really started to stagnate, and the growth was very slow.

I went to visit one of my old friends whom I love very much, who is a multi millionaire himself and really on top of his game.

He said to me “Saj, you stopped surrounding yourself with high achievers so how can you grow. You reached the top and then you stopped. You became complacent.”

He reminded me of a famous saying: If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.

He was totally right, I reached a certain level of success and then I stopped pushing and stopped growing.

I stopped being around people who were going higher and higher. I stopped investing in myself.

I left his house and immediately dropped $20k on a high end master mind program so I can surround myself with high achievers.

There is an invaluable lesson here.

I spend more money on my self and my own learning than most people earn, and that’s not to brag, its to show you how committed I am to my own growth.

This year alone I’m probably going to attend events / masterminds worth at least $100k+.

I never hold back in investing in myself.

The Best Investment In The WORLD is investing in YOURSELF.

And buying stuff from me of course 🙂

Having a mentor who is already where you want to be and learning from them is literally the fastest route to success, nothing beats it.

Everybody I know who has become successful has had one or many mentors.

This way they short cut their success, and gain an unfair advantage.

Successful entrepreneurs always invest in themselves.

Buy courses, buy programs, go to events, masterminds, and invest in your own development and education.

Non stop learning.

Non stop growth.

Non stop investing in yourself.

Non stop action.

That’s the name of the game.

Ok, and now finally onto the make money formula.

Wow I kinda got carried away there with the prerequisites huh!

Well I really want you to succeed and give you the best of what I got.

I mean I could go on forever, there are a gazillion lessons that I have learned, and am continuing to learn every day.

These are just some of the high level things which if you get right, creating success will be much easier for you.

Not only will you create success easier, you will also have a well rounded, balanced, and happy fulfilling life.

These lessons will change everything for you if you learn to implement them in your life starting right now!


The $100K+ Per Month Online Marketing Formula

You ready?

After developing several multi million dollar online sales funnels for myself, and my clients, now I am going to give you the formula for free.

Aren’t you lucky 😉

Things are constantly evolving in the online marketing space so you need to stay on top of your game, and stay relevant.

However, the fundamentals always have been, and always will remain the same:

I am assuming in this case that you know and understand a little bit about internet marketing, and our industry.

If you are totally brand new, and you know nothing, then let me give you a 1 min crash course.

This is a billion dollar industry where we sell information via ebooks, video courses, audio courses, events and seminars to hungry people who are looking to change and enhance their lives.

Whether that’s financially, in their health, relationships, business etc We create websites and sales funnels to give away valuable information and turn visitors into customers, and we place targeted ads all over the internet using platforms like Facebook, Youtube and email marketing to drive traffic to our sites.

According to the digital marketing association, the digital marketing industry is worth $62 Billion and is growing rapidly as more and more people start to spend more time and money online.

This is a big pie, and if you are not getting your share of it, you are missing out.

The internet has made it a level playing field now for anyone to come online and become a millionaire in no time.

New millionaires are being created daily in this industry.

You can develop and sell your own products online, or you can partner up with established companies and sell their products for a commission as an affiliate.

I’m going to teach you a top level overview now of what it takes to develop a $100K per month business online.

I’m going to describe two methods to you.

One is the hard way, and one is the easy way.

It’s up to you which path you choose, they will both get you there.

One will get you there much faster and easier.

Before we get into the formula, let me give you a ninja tip.

This is something that will take your earnings to the next level.

Know your market inside out!

Understanding your target customer or what we call customer avatar is the most important part of your online business in my opinion. This makes the difference between those just making money, and those making millions.

You need to get inside the head of your ideal prospect and know how they think.

What are their most cherished desires?

What are their deepest pains?

What do they go through on a daily basis?

What are they hoping to achieve with a product like yours?

The deeper you understand your target audience and customer avatar, the more you will be able to bond with them, and build a relationship with them by speaking their language.

You will be able to empathize with them, and show them that you understand their needs and their struggles via all the communication on your websites, your videos, your emails etc

There are many exercises you can do to map out your exact customer avatar.

I may record some videos on this process at some point.

Most people don’t ever pay that much attention here, but the biggest earners online all do.

I can tell you that my customer avatar is called Bob. He is 52 and has been sick of his job for the last 10 years.

His kids have all grown up now, and his marriage is ok, not great.

He dreams of having control over his life and finances, and wants to be free.

He wants to earn a lot more money. He wants to have an online business, so he can leave his job and start an adventurous journey, and fully live the rest of his life in comfort and excitement.

He wants to travel the world, work from his laptop, and look cool in front of his friends.

More than anything, he wants freedom. Its freedom he is really after.

You see I know my customer avatar down to his name.

Start visiting the same websites that your prospects would visit, sign up to the lists that they would be on, go onto the forums that they hang out in, and get to know them well.

If you already have a list then survey them and ask them personal questions about what they really want and feel. Ask them about their pains and frustrations.

Give them a free gift for filling out the survey.

If you want to take it to the next level, then get on the phone and give your leads a call.

Get to know them intimately.

Not many marketers would teach you this apart from the really high level ones.

I can tell you this now,  the better you understand your market especially their pains and their desires, the more money you will make, and everything in your marketing will be cranked up 1000 notches.

Here let me show you the power of understanding the mind of your target audience deeply.

Check out picture:

This is a facebook ad I was recently running to one of my sales funnels.

Check out the relevancy score on the right, 10/10.

I have seen top marketers say they are over the moon when they get a relevancy score of 3 – 5.

Since I know the mind of my target avatar deeply, I am able to use the right images in my ads, and the right language within my ads, that I know will appeal to their innate desires and pains.

I offer them the benefits they are truly seeking.

As a result I get more clicks on my ads than the average marketer, and Facebook recognizes that this is a highly targeted ad.

As a result, they lower my ad cost.

Check out my CPC (cost per click) in the middle.

Only 3 cents per click.

These days that is unheard of on Facebook.

Most people area paying over $1 per click.

This is the power of knowing your target market well.

Everything gets highly optimized, and you make a lot more money.

Ok, now lets get onto that formula for making $100K+ per month.

Formula 1: The Hard Way

Step 1: Develop A Suite Of Products

Now you understand your market well, you need to develop a suite of products to sell to them that will minimize their pains, and get them to their desired goal faster.

These products can come in the form of ebooks, ecourses, video courses, audio courses, webinars, teleseminars, live events, and coaching programs.

Most people think that they can make millions with just one product, and this is just crazy.

I have made a lot of money selling one high end program, but its hard work.

You need to develop a wide product range that go from low ticket all the way up to high ticket items (the high ticket item on the backend is key to you making big money online, all the top online millionaires sell high ticket items)

Here is one of my product ranges as an example:

Free Report, $37 ecourse, $297 video upsell course, $997 6 week online webinar coaching program,  $5000 live event seminar.

The idea is to get people into your funnel, and pass them through deeper and deeper into the funnel giving them more and more value, and offering more expensive products that fulfill their needs and get them to their desired goal faster and easier.

Now developing a product range like this takes time, it can take years, and you need to be an expert in the first place to even be able to generate this amount of content.

You can also JV with someone who is an expert in your field, and have them develop all the products and content, whilst you handle all of the marketing.

This is a formula I have used before on many of my launches.

But once again it takes work, its not easy.

Creating a million dollar funnel by yourself is not child’s play, it takes a lot of dedication, expertise and hard work.

Step 2: Develop Your Sales Funnel To Sell Your Products

Plain old websites are dead, they don’t make money any more.

These days in order to get your web visitors to turn into paid customers, you need to develop a high converting sales funnel.

Creating a suite of products is not very easy, and developing a high converting sales funnel is much harder to master, but once you get it right, you would have opened the flood gates of online income so its worth while learning how to do it.

The idea is to get free visitors into your funnel via a squeeze page.

I am sure you have seen many of these before right?

A squeeze enables you to collect someones email address, and offer them a free gift in return which they want.

This is known as incentivized marketing.

Once you have that lead in your database, you have a chance to build a relationship with them. This is done via video, emails, and other content mediums.

This relationship building is important so they get to know you, like you, trust you, and ultimately buy from you over and over again.

My good friend and one of the best marketers in the world Russell Brunson, has developed an amazing piece of software called click funnels, that you can use to build out your entire sales funnels within a couple of clicks.

He is offering a two week free trial, and I highly recommend you go and get it and learn how to use it.

This will be an invaluable tool in your online marketing arsenal. I now build out all of my sales funnels using click funnels.

Click Here To Start Your Click Funnels Trial >>

Here, check out the stats on this squeeze page I built using clickfunnels, its got a 74% Conversion rate.

Click funnels have amazing high converting templates. It takes marketing to the next level.

That means for every 100 people that visit my page, 74 of them leave their details and join my list.

This is because firstly I am using a high converting template from clickfunnels.

Next I am using the right language on my squeeze page and speaking to my audiences core. I am offering them a free gift which promises to solve some of their biggest problems, and grant them access to their most cherished desires.

After someone enters my funnel via my squeeze page, I send them the free gift via email, and immediately offer them a paid product.

This is sold via video or what is known in the industry as VSL (Video Sales Letter).

You can also set this up on clickfunnels, its called a video sales page inside their members area

This is a very important part of the funnel and is known as a self liquidating offer.

As we are driving paid traffic into our funnel ,we want to immediately recoup as much of that money as possible as soon as someone enters our funnel, and then pump this money back into advertising.

(This is a secret on how the top online marketers grow their campaigns fast. They develop high converting funnels, and spend lots of money on paid ads. They then quickly recoup that cash using a Self Liquidating Offer, and keep pumping the money back into ads).

Most newbies don’t get this. They make their first bit of cash online, and then go out and buy a fancy toy, and then are broke again by the end of the month.

Haha I was guilt of this myself.

I remember when I made my first $100K online.

I had never seen money like that come to me in one chunk before.

I straight away got excited, and went and bought a brand new range rover from the show room in cash.

The guy thought I was a drug dealer. LOL

Now I pump 80% of my profits back into advertising and grow like a monster.

Here is a simple 12 part formula for creating the perfect VSL that I learned from my friend and amazing marketer Ryan Deiss. This is the basics of how to structure a good video sales letter.


1) Attention grabbing Greeting (something that will get their attention. ie Watch this video now to learn how to make $100K online within the next 60 days)
2) Identify Problem, And Promise To Solve it (i.e. I know you have been struggling to make money online and are probably frustrated and confused. I will give you a simple copy and paste formula in this video)
3) Establish Video Scarcity (ie.This video will be online for the next 30 days and then I am taking it down or turning it into a paid presentation, so watch it free right now while you can)
4) Aggravate The Problem (i.e. The internet is changing, if you don’t learn this formula now you will continue to struggle because of xyz)
5)Provide The Solution (i.e. your product)
6) Features and benefits (the features of your product and how specifically they will benefit your user)
7)Call To Action 1 (Desire) i.e Tell them to buy your product by clicking the link below. Use language that evokes their desires
8) Present Your credentials (proof, results, examples, etc)
9) Give guarantee (money back guarantee, refund policy etc)
10) Call to action 2 (logic) i.e. show them why its a no brainer to buy your product and how they have nothing to lose
11) Give warnings (deadline, scarcity, guilt)
12) Call to action 3 (Fear) i.e. What happens if they don’t buy, they go back to the same old reality etc

If someone purchases my front end product, I immediately offer than an upgrade option via VSL which around 40% – 70% of people will take.

Learning how to up sell was something I was taught years ago when I first got into the sales industry in my day Job.

I told you earlier how I used to work for some cut throat sales floors right.

Well prior to doing that, when I was just getting my feet wet in the sales industry, I worked for some mobile phone telesales companies as a newbie.

There they taught us whenever someone calls in to buy a mobile phone, once they have finished the purchase, always ask them would you like a blue tooth headset with that.

Initially I felt very uncomfortable with this, and used to shy away from it as much as possible.

Until my manager said to me one day, “you better start up selling, or start looking for a new job.”

So after every order I made, straight away at the end I would ask “would you like a blue tooth headset with your new phone.”

To my surprise at the time, around 30% of people always said yes with no objections, just by me asking that question.

When someone commits to buy something from you, its easier to get them to spend more money.

They have already shown that they trust you, and like you.

They have already pulled out the credit card and paid you money.

Now, if you have more value to offer, its easier to sell to them.

You know how McDonalds make most of their money? Its not by selling burgers.

They make their cash on up sells.

Would you like fries with that sir?

Would you like to super size that for an extra X dollars etc

Get comfortable selling and up selling your customers, otherwise you will be leaving a lot of money on the table.

If you have good valuable products that will help your customers, its your duty to offer it to them, otherwise you are doing them a disservice.

If you want to make money, remember this one thing: Always Be Selling!

The big major chunk of the money is always made on the back end, with offers that range from $1K – $10K+.

I set up automated webinars within clickfunnels to sell programs that fall within the range of $1k – $3K to my clients.

An automated webinar is a pre recorded presentation that goes on for 1 – 3 hours.

This is longer than a video sales letter, and allows you to really build a relationship with your client, build up rapport, share your story, your successes, and go into detail about your premium products.

As these products cost more money, they need to be sold via a suitable medium, and a longer webinar presentation is ideal for this.

You can also do webinars live by using a service like

I have done 4 hour live webinars before to sell $5K packages, and this has done very well for me, but its a lot of work.

Anything that falls within the price range of $5k – $10k+, we always sell over the phone.

This is what will get you the biggest conversion rate as it allows you to connect with your client directly, really build up rapport with them, understand their needs, and then offer them your high end products as a solution.

I use a form like this

to funnel my clients into a free strategy session, where we offer lots of  free value, and offer them our back end products if suitable for their needs.

In the background of this entire funnel I have just explained, you need pre written email follow up sequences. These are messages that will fire off regularly to your leads within your system.

The best email autoresponder service without a doubt is

Once you have built your list, not all of your leads will buy your products straight away.

You need to be communicating with them regularly via email, and offering valuing, giving case studies, solving their problems, and selling your products.

All the top marketers email their list at least 3 – 5 times a week, and some email every day.

The easiest way to create follow up emails is to use the stick man approach:

Draw this image, and write down the main obstacles your audience face on their journey towards their ‘desired result’.

Do this, and craft all of your emails around the different obstacles, interweaving their solutions with cool and entertaining stories.

Help your subscribers overcome obstacles, and move towards their desired result by giving them free content, and position your product or offer as the best/fastest solution for them to get there.

If you get just 10% of this right, you’ll easily pass $10,000 per month.

The secret to selling to your subscribers is simply in giving value upfront, and acting as their ‘trusted advisor’.

When you’re giving value and helping people get what they want; they feel compelled to give you money.

Even if you’re horrible at marketing. When you show people how to get what they want, and offer them easy solutions to get what they want faster or easier; they’ll buy them.

So as you can see this is quite a complex setup. There is a lot going on here.

Getting to 6 figures a month and building a million dollar online business takes work, anyone that tells you its easy is lying.

However if you put in the work, and follow a proven system, you can do it.

And the rewards are more than worth all the hard work.

All funnels can be developed these days easily using software like clickfunnels, which will help you save a lot of time.

However, the main thing here is learning how to sell and convert your visitors into customers.

Learning how to sell is the most important thing that ever happened to me.

Its started when I got into phone sales over 10 years ago and it has continued online.

The art of learning to sell online is known as copy writing, and this is a skill you will need to master if you want to develop your own high converting online sales funnels, as you will need to write video scripts, sales letters, emails etc

You can always hire a copywriter to do this for you,  but the good ones are not cheap.

The best start at around $10K minimum for a single sales letter.

I have spent over $250,000 paying copywriters over the years.

These days I write most of my own copy, and its taken me years to learn.

If you want to learn how to write killer copy, study the works of Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert and John Carlton. They are all legends, and have mastered the craft.

Also sign up to the top Guru lists in your industry. See how they write their emails, how they craft their sales videos, and design their funnels.

Swipe the best stuff and put your own twist to it.

That’s the fastest way to implement this stuff.

STEP 3: Drive Traffic

This is the fun part.

Once you have a high converting funnel, the next stage is for you to drive paid targeted traffic via online ads into your sales funnel, and start banking money.

Paid Advertising is the FASTEST way to grow your business.

Paid traffic is the fastest-scalable-most- predictable form of traffic for you to ca$h in.

You can get this traffic on Facebook, Bing, Adwords, Youtube PPC, Solo Ads, and a whole bunch of other platforms.

You will be paying anywhere from 20 cents to $1+ per click depending on your traffic source and the quality of the ads that you place.

Lets say its costing you 50 cents per click to drive hits to your website, and you have a conversion rate of 30 percent on your initial squeeze page.

Then that means if you sent 100 visitors to your site you would spend $50 in ads to generate 30 new leads.

Now lets say if your initial offer for $37 converts at 10 percent.

Well this would mean that 3 people would buy that offer, and that would make you $111.

Minus this from your $50 ad spend, and you have made $61 in profit just from your front end offer.

And you still have all of your email follow ups and upsells on the back end.

If you are spending $50 to make $61 in profit, you could scale up that traffic and hit $10,000 per month pretty fast just from your front end offer, and the upsells will make you a large chunk of additional cash.

This is how you construct a 6 figure a month business online.

As you go along, you tweak your squeeze page, tweak your sales pages and sales videos, tweak your follow up emails and tweak your ads.

This constant process of fine tuning is known as split testing, and you keep doing this until you have a highly fine tuned conversion monster funnel.

That’s it, keep doing these things and you are guaranteed to make sales and scale up to your first $10K/ month, and then your first $20K, $50k, $100k+ and beyond.


So there you have the 6 figure a month marketing formula.

Obviously its impossible for me to drill down and give you all the nitty gritty details in a blog post, but you have a big picture overview of what it would take for you to create a 6 – 7 figure business online.

I have built many of these 7 figure funnels for myself and my clients over the years, and as you can see its actually a lot of hard work.

But its definitely worth it.

Yes, once you have one of these things built and tweaked, and get it up and running, you can literally just push the plug on the traffic and bank big money. However, To get to that stage requires work.

To create a valuable and highly desirable suite of products from low end to high end, to create high converting sales funnels, to master the art of copyrighting and create sales scripts, video scripts, follow up emails, and to master driving traffic…

…I mean this is not a joke. It can take you years to learn how to do all of this properly and to develop something like this.

But, what if there was an easier way?

Formula 2: The Easy Way To Create $50k – $100K+ Per Month In Automated Hands Free Income.

Rather than figuring all of this out yourself,  and wasting years in the process…

What if we gave you access to our very own, proven, time tested, high converting sales funnel….

That has taken over 5 years of pain staking hard work, and grueling testing to build and perfect…

And now is a proven conversion monster.

What if we gave you access to our full suite of products to promote and also did all of the selling for you.


Welcome to the High Ticket Wealth System.

A complete 7 figure marketing funnel, and sales system in a box. Ready to crank out 6 figures a month for you on autopilot.

And just so you know, this is not some fancy idea or a concept.

This is a proven system that’s working right now, cranking out millions of dollars a month.

This system has generated over $50 million dollars till date, and paid out over $25 million dollars to folks just like you in 37 countries around the world in the last year alone.

With the High Ticket Wealth System, everything is done for you.

You will get access to all of our high converting squeeze pages.

You will get done for you email marketing.

You will get our full suite of products that range from $10 all the way up to $30,000… And you will make a massive 50% commission on all sales.

The best part is, we will do all of the selling for you!

All you have to do is follow our step by step traffic training videos, and drive leads into the system.

As soon as the lead enters the system, we will start communicating with them, building a relationship and marketing to them.

We have many back end high ticket products that sell for 2$K, $5K,  $10K, and $30K!

And, we will give you access to our fully trained telesales team that will sell all of these products on your behalf to your leads.

Every time they make a sale you earn a monster 50% commission on each product sold.

So we will give you all of our products, we will give you our entire sales funnel, and do all of the selling for you.

Our conversion rates are the highest in the industry. This is causing a revolution online.

This is literally the fastest way to get automated commissions of $1k, $3k, $5k ,and $10k sent straight to your bank with no selling needed from you whatsoever.

Remember that 3 part formula I shared with you earlier.

1) Create a suite of products 2) Create a high converting sales funnel and sales system 3) Drive traffic

Well all of this is done for you, and fully automated when you join the High Ticket Wealth System today.

Literally all you will be doing is following our step by step traffic training videos, and driving leads into the top of the funnel.

After that point our system will take care of everything else, and do all the selling for you including selling high ticket products via our telesales team, and wiring you big commission cheques.

Complete newbies with 0 experience are getting to 6 figures a month with this system fast, and people who have a little experience or have been in the game for some time are milking it and becoming millionaires.

The case studies we have are nothing short of mind blowing.

Listen, its too much for me to explain in this blog post, and I think this post has been long enough already!

Damn I may need to do a part 2 for this blog post!

Anyway, if you want to find out more about the High Ticket Wealth System, how it works, watch some case studies and get the full low down…

I have created a comprehensive video presentation that breaks everything down in detail.

Watching it will be the best investment of your time you ever make if you are serious about generating a 6 figure a month stable online business for yourself and your family in an automated hands off way.

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Ok, I need to shoot and take my son to the park for a bit, and then I have a dinner meeting with a guy who has made over 1.8 Million dollars in the last year alone with this system I am telling you about.

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